BABYBJORN Bouncer Bliss

The best bouncer out there with new plush updated fabrics and price tag

As Orthodox Jews who cannot use electricity or battery powered bouncers on Shabbat (aka the Sabbath), as new parents we were intrigued by the BABYBJORN baby bouncer. We have yet to be disappointed many years and two children later. After using it for almost 2 years with our son, we lent our original BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft out to friends once he had reached the upper weight limit on the seat. There are no telltale signs of wear that suggest our bouncers are anything but new even after years of use and multiple children.

Though the BABYBJORN bouncers runs on “baby power” allowing children to rock themselves, we have also taken matters into our own “hands” by pushing against the fabric just below the seat and rocking our children with one foot. My most favorite thing to show off to new parents is how easily it folds and stores away making it easy to take from room to room because of its lightweight frame and also easy to store. Because It’s so lightweight and folds so small, it is easy to take on the go to grandmother’s house or to the backyard so baby can take in the sights. The lack of batteries and cords mean that it can go anywhere but for safety reasons, it should always be on the ground or the floor.

Despite many high tech bouncers that we own like the many 4moms bouncers from Mamaroo to Bounceroo, both our children have liked the BABYBJORN bouncers best. Unlike the 4moms bouncers, it doesn’t need an infant insert and is ready to use from birth (8 pounds) and up to 29 pounds. But because the new Bliss iteration truly only updates the fabric not the frame, I’m not sure it warrants the upgrade to the also “luxurious” price especially since the new fabric isn’t even organic.

If already have the Balance Soft and you really want the new plush quilted or mesh fabric, you can buy replacement separately for a whopping should-be-organic-at-this-price $80. Unlike most bouncers and swings you’ll find out there, the fabric is also easy to remove and wash so even if you do shell out extra money for the Bliss, you may want to get an extra BABYBJORN Fabric Seat for Bouncer. I do have to say that it took some getting used to the aesthetics of the plush new fabric but I do now prefer the new fabric, especially in Midnight Blue which we bought separately after receiving the product in Sand Gray.


Note: I highly recommend taking a look at the manual and studying how to shift the bouncer from different positions to avoid user error as we often found that sometimes our babysitter put it in the wrong position and didn’t understand how to put it in “transportation” or storage mode. The lowest position for “sleep” is meant for children up to 15.5 pounds. The next medium “rest” position is for up to 22 pounds and finally, the highest position is meant for “play” up to 29 lbs.

Also, we highly recommend the BABYBJORN Wooden Toy for Bouncer – Googly Eyes as both our kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Our daughter just started using it just before she turned 2 months old. She really gets a kick out of using her newfounds hands to manipulate the brightly colored wooden pieces.  


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