Hyland’s Baby Homeopathic Tiny Cold Tablets For Day and Night Time

Review: Hyland’s Baby Homeopathic Tiny Cold Tablets For Day and Night Time, 250 Count


I have been a huge fan of (the recently recalled) Hyland’s Teething tablets for a long time so when I saw these I knew I wanted to get these. My son had a very minor cold a few weeks ago so I finally had opportunity to try them out on him. I previously reviewed the Hyland’s Baby Cold Relief Dissolving Tablets.

I did notice that the tablets gave him some relief, which improved his mood. His nose wasn’t running as badly and his sneezing actually stopped. He really enjoys taking the dissolvable tabs and asks for more when he sees the bottle.

I tried one myself and there really isn’t too much flavor to them so I think it must be something about the size and dissolving feature that he likes. As far as the night time option, I really didn’t notice it causing him to be drowsier but he did sleep well that evening. I’m not sure that given this that I would recommend getting the more expensive day and night double pack.

I will continue to use these when we have another cold and would recommend to others! I use these interchangeably with Genexa Homeopathic Cold Crush for Children: The Only Certified Organic Kids Cold & Cough Medicine. Physician Formulated, Natural & Non-GMO Verified (60 Chewable Tablets), which are homeopathic and organic. The Genexa tablets are a bit larger and my 2-year-old calls them his “chewies.” Comparatively, the tiny cold tablets seem lie they’re for a younger baby or toddler who might not grasp the concept of chewing.

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